February 19, 2009

Poll: Philosophy for parenting

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June 20, 2008

AMI National Convention – Lincoln, Nebraska

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BIG REDBig Red – mascot of the university in Lincoln with our Oregon delegation.  That’s one “BIG GUY”!




At Governor\'s MansionVisiting the governor’s mansion in Lincoln.  

08’ Oregon Young Mother and Oregon AMI President





 My final speech to AMI convention, Thursday night.

My Wish for You


Giving Final SpeechReceiving Award as 2007 National Mother

  My son was able to come from New York for moral support and I snagged him to run the projector for the slide show of my year in review.

       Cute Son


2006 Oregon & National Mother and husband

with me and my son









Getting ready for final Gala                                        2008 Oregon Mother

Ready for Gala2 Oregon MOYsNational BoardNational Board Members from all over the US

  Former Mothers of the Year in attendance at convention Former National Mothers













Cool military escorts for our gala. Gala Escort Our new 2008 National Mother of the Year® from West Virginia . . . very nice lady 

  National Mothers 


January 8, 2008

Puerto Rico, January 2008

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Our national AMI board meeting was held in Puerto Rico in January.  What a great place to visit when it’s wet and grey in Oregon! 

grounds of Marriott Caribe Hotel

Our great AMI Puerto Rician Hostesses.  What a lovely office they have in PR.  Elba, our PR president, Ansley (NYMOY) , myself and PR YMOY, Yolanda.  (my, am I bad–I don’t know names, especially last names, but these ladies are great in every way.)


The Puerto Rician mother of the year, Louisa Maria, was the master of ceremonies at a meeting of United Mothers American and Cubean mothers and I was invited to their luncheon with Elba, AMI VP and President of the UMA organization.  Couldn’t understand much that was said since it was all in Spanish, but I loved seeing their happy faces, spontaneous rhythm to the music being played, and listening to their excited chatter.  A professor who specializes in migration facts was the guest speaker.  He sat by me and spoke very good English, so I was kept entertained.

Professor   Elba, Maria Louisa, Ileen

Oregon AMI Travelers  Traveling with me from Oregon were Marilyn Dougall and Jeanne Card.  What great ladies to be with!!

December 30, 2007

My brother, Gordon Scott Loosle

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Gordon and Joyce  The day after Christmas I got a call that my brother, Gordon, had passed away from complications with pneumonia.  Doesn’t seem real yet that he’s gone.  He was the sibling just older than myself and the one I remember while growing up in our little town of Clarkston, Utah. 

 At the viewing, these are some of the family:

 Me, Gordon’s lovely wife, Joyce, children: Kyle, Nancy, Denee and her husband, Curtis.

Joyce, Denee, Kyle, Nancy

 Byron is the oldest of Gordon’s family shown with his wife, Marie and younger brother, Darren. 

Byron and Marie, and Darren

 My brother, Lyle, and his wife Mary.                        

Ileen with Lyle and Mary 

My sister, Arlene Johnson. Arlene and Ileen

My sister, Rhea is in the wheelchair with her son-in-law, Ron Stock.  Joyce, Ileen and my neice, Judy Hicken.  Four of the five living siblings were in attendance at the funeral.  Mariln was unable to come.

Rhea and family

November 30, 2007

Corvallis Community Creche Exhibit

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A Christus was the center of the display, depicting the theme “Light of the World”.


The fall months are the busiest time for our creche committee and it was really a challenge this year with all the AMI activities sandwiched in between meetings.  I love being the director of the exhibit and have a great core committe:  Nancy Oar, Jacqui Reich, and Courtney Van Tress.  These ladies are #1 in my book! 

Large Creche

Special madeOrnamentsOrnament area handmade areamore crechescreches creches 3creche 4creche 5

Whether you are a Christian or not, everyone can enjoy the workmanship and creativity of the exhibit of over 650 nativities.


 My grandson, William, was the baby Jesus with mom and dad, Courtney and Jeremy.

live creche

November 3, 2007

Arizona Convention – Nov 3, 2007

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New Board     hpim2378-small.jpg     group shot     Music    

What fun to visit Arizona in the fall where it was nice and warm . . and . . I got to stay with my daughter, Kristine. 

Kris and her friend, Annette, also went with me to the convention at Sharon Slater’s beautiful home in Gilbert, AZ. 

Kris and Annette 

AZ Pres and Ileen  Out-going  AMI President

Lila and Ileen  Ileen and Area AMI Coord, Lila Shoemaker

Sharon and AMI President

Sharon and AMI President

October 26, 2007

Portland Convention, Oct 26-27, 2007

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Organ  Goldie  Raelene and others  Leah   art   Portland’s evening of the arts was a treat to behold and held in the beautiful Old Church in Portland.  What wonderful, talented ladies performing song, piano, instrumental, dance and art work.   At the LDS Institute the next day was the workshops and yummy lunch.

 Ileen with Governor’s WRAP proclamation  Ileen showing WRAP Proclamation from Oregon’s Governor.

Michelle Tullis, YMother, Speaking

Michelle Tullis

October 15, 2007


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Dream come true – my visit to Hawaii

40 years ago my husband and I joked about going to Hawaii some day.  That day finally came Sept 27 when my daughter, Angie, and I went to the woman’s convention for AMI in Honolulu. 

Amanda and Bert Dupont were our wonderful hosts/hostess. 

Bert  Amanda

 With our great tour guide (Bert), we saw all over the island. . .

Polynesian Cultural Center

With the Natives . . . Angie and Ileen

Going Native  fire man

Luau with a family from AustraliaDinner

September 17, 2007

Mom’s Club – Sept 25, 2007

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The fall went by at such speed I didn’t have time to blog the events.  I’ll try to go back and record those special memories.

 I was invited to speak to a Mom’s Club group in Beaverton, Oregon.  What a nice group of young stay-at-home moms.  My daughter, Courtney, went with me and took a couple of pictures.

Ileen Speaking to Mom’s Club

 More Moms

 Reading Legacy Letter    Reading Letter

September 11, 2007

National AMI Headquarters in Alexandria, VA

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AMI has a wonderful new headquarters in Virginia.  We met Roberta, our voice on the phone when anyone calls AMI and visited the office.

Roberta  AMI Headquarters

Oregon Delegation

Oregonians:  Jeanne Card, Marilyn Dougall, Jacki Hunlow, Ileen Barlow

state coordinators 

Our state coordinators

Ansley, AMI National Young Mother of the Year

Our National Young Mother of the Year, Ansley from Georgia with me.

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